carishea: Fair, Ethical & Sustainable

carishea is part of Trade Right International  CIC which is wholly owned by the charity Trade Right Trust (SC040846), a radically unique social business which deliberately is working in disadvantaged communities by offering trade and employment as a route to combatting poverty.  That's just the back story, because there's a front story too.  Profits are returned into the communities in which they are made. 

In Ghana Trade Right International is based in the Bulisa District of the Upper Eastern Region where it is working, trading and establishing a shea nut and butter co-operation for women.

In Scotland, Trade Right International has its soap factory in Greenock, Inverclyde.  Working in partnership with addiction rehabilitation services and the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) at Greenock Prison, Trade Right International are building a unique and creative employability programme.

carishea is Fair: we go beyond the normal of concept of fair trade, because we not only ensure a good price for the people we work with, but we go further by giving back.  Through careful assessment and local worker consultation, we give back into the communities we trade with.  This can be up to 50% of our profits.  This is no normal companies CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme, this is inbuilt to our DNA.  It makes us a different type of business.  A revolutionary business!

carishea is Ethical: everything about carishea and Trade Right International is radical and has a clear ethical basis.  Our workers earn a Living Wage and the most our managers can earn is 2.5 times this amount.  So we've eliminated the wage chasm between workers and managers.  What's more, as a registered CIC, Trade Right International does not have shareholders so therefore investors dividends don't exist.  This for us means, that the rich aren't making money from the poor.
carishea is Sustainable: carishea is striving to be sustainable in two ways - as an international business and environmentally.
Trade Right International is a different form of charitable expression.  Its one express aim is to trade commercially internationally to help disadvantaged people  earn a living, then to use its profits to support them in local community development.
Shea trees grow wild throughout the Savannah of Africa and so bring many natural benefits to the environment.  Harvesting the trees ensure that they maintain their worth not only to the economy but also the parklands of Africa's fragile environment.  
But the sustainable benefits don't stop there!
Every part of the process of from fruit to Shea butter is sustainable - the flesh of the fruit is used in stews and wine making; the shell of the nut is mixed with the left over 'cake' from the butter process and used as firewood, so saving the environmental damage from charcoal.
In fact, every part is used.  There is very little non-recyclable waste.